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Emaximation, a company that provides sale lead management to franchisors, released its ranking of the top ten franchise directory portals as indicated by their aggregated client data. They claim the data is based on lead flow from 170+ franchisors and business opportunities that utilize their system. In alphabetical order, the online directories are:

Be the Boss Franchise Gator
Best Franchise Opportunities Franchise Opportunities
Bison Franchise Solutions Network
Franchise Direct
Franchise For Sale Small Business Franchise

Google-owned Alexa ranks the top websites, in terms of web traffic as of today:

1. Franchise Gator 6. Be the Boss
2. Entrepreneur 7.
3. Franchiseworks 8. Best Franchise Opportunities
4. 9. Franchise Emporium
5. Bison 10. World Franchising

‘Zor not cutting D’Mustard?

A lawsuit spells trouble for the budding dog-n-burger franchisor D’Mustard. They’re in the doghouse with unhappy franchisees, who accuse them of fraud and failure to deliver services.

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