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Personal Service Lives!

VIP Logo SS.jpgOf all the casualties trampled by the march of progress, the loss of personal service is one of the most dramatic. At a time when people are busier and more willing to pay for convenience than ever, America has forgotten how to treat its customers. That unanswered demand for convenience and exemplary service are precisely what inspired Kenny Sheff to create V.I.P. Cleaners.

Kenny Sheff’s years as a dry cleaning professional gave him a unique insight into the needs of consumers, dry cleaners and prospective franchisees. He knew that the demands of modern careers and family life left little time for the mundane but necessary errands of life; in fact, his friends and neighbors were begging him to bring their dry cleaning in to work for them. He also knew that those who operated dry cleaning plants faced intense competition and excess capacity; they were always eager for new business. As a successful businessman, Kenny was often asked for advice by friends and associates who wanted to start their own businesses, but lacked experience and a sound concept.

A Winning Approach

With the help of New York advertising guru Charlie Weisinger (now a V.P. of V.I.P.) and a talented V.I.P. Cleaners franchise support team, Kenny Sheff created an amazingly simple business concept that’s yielding amazing results for all involved.

A WIN for Busy Consumers

V.I.P. Franchise owners provide residents in their areas a much-valued service: Free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery to and from their homes. Like service businesses of old, the distinctive V.I.P. Cleaners vans pick up and drop off on a pre-determined schedule. Consumers appreciate the savings in time and travel costs, and they’re delighted with the V.I.P. treatment they receive, including the free laundry bags, cleaning tips and unexpected surprises.

A WIN for Commercial Dry Cleaners

Volume is the name of the game for commercial dry cleaners. A service partnership with V.I.P. Cleaners can provide it. Kenny Sheff and his team negotiate service contracts and cleaning discounts on behalf of each V.I.P. franchise owner so that they can provide superior quality cleaning that’s economical and timely.

A WIN for Franchise Owners

V.I.P. Cleaners franchise owners enjoy the insights, systems and programs of experienced professionals without having to spend decades acquiring that experience. They are able to provide economical, high-quality dry cleaning without ever having to clean or press a single article of clothing or purchase cleaning equipment. Instead of a leased store, they operate leased vehicles that serve as 24-hour moving billboards that continuously promote their business. V.I.P. Cleaners franchise owners are able to focus their energies solely on providing the superlative service that creates long term loyalty, significant referrals and widespread word-of-mouth advertising.

The bottom line? At a time that service in America is R.I.P., America is turning to V.I.P. Cleaners. Find out more and see how the death of the service culture may have given rise to one of the best undiscovered franchises in America.

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