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7 Valleys Custom Blends Welcomes First Franchisees

Targets Grand Opening of First Franchise Unit in Camp Hill, PA for Early August

(York, PA) – 7 Valleys Custom Blends, the first bulk tobacco shop franchise system, will be launching its first franchise unit in the Harrisburg suburb of Camp Hill, PA in early August.

The opening of the store marks the beginning of an aggressive expansion plan for the unique roll-your-own cigarette retail concept, as well as the introduction of a newly redesigned store layout that will serve as the franchise prototype. “After 13 years serving a loyal and growing customer base in York and the surrounding area we’re thrilled to make 7 Valleys Custom Blends products available in a new market,” said Mark Tucci, 7 Valleys founder and president. “The Camp Hill store is in the capable hands of two enthusiastic and determined franchisee partners.”

The new 7 Valleys Custom Blends store will be operated by Sean Concannon and Richard Agolia. Prior to becoming new business owners, the partners were commercial truck drivers and long time customers of 7 Valleys in York. When the company announced its intention to franchise, the pair responded immediately. “We know how good the 7 Valleys Custom Blends tobacco products are,” said Sean Concannon. “We also know from first-hand experience the tremendous amount of money smokers can save by rolling their own cigarettes.”

7 Valleys Custom Blends stores provide customers with everything they need to make their own cigarettes. Known as RYO (roll-your-own) or MYO (make-your-own) the do-it-yourself approach to cigarettes is made possible by using a small table-top machine that injects loose tobacco into pre-made paper tubes with filters attached. The process takes just a few seconds per cigarette and many customers roll a large supply of cigarettes at one sitting. By investing a little bit of time 7 Valleys patrons create cigarettes to their own taste while saving up to 80% over commercially manufactured cigarettes.

“7 Valleys Custom Blends has done an excellent job of defining a niche market and developing products and category knowledge customers sincerely appreciate,” states Sean Kelly, president of IdeaFarm, a leading franchise marketing and brand development firm. “This is the type of franchise that allows owners to develop a truly unique bond with their clients.”

Saving money is very attractive but what has earned 7 Valleys such a devoted following is the uncompromising dedication to providing a more satisfying smoking experience. That is achieved by presenting 49 custom blends of chemical additive free farm-fresh tobacco. Each blend has its own unique flavor based on the combination of tobaccos from premium growers in the United States and internationally.

The 7 Valleys Custom Blends store in Camp Hill will present a new format featuring contemporary styling and a layout that is designed to be quite shopper friendly. In addition to the 49 custom blends visitors will find pipe tobacco, cigars, rolling papers, machines, and other supplies. The store will also offer the new line of 7 Valleys Custom Blends coffee. Associates can help shoppers to match coffee blends with their favorite tobacco blends.

Says co-owner Richard Agolia, “We adhere to the company motto which states:

‘If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, smoke smart.’”

“The products we offer will allow smokers to enjoy more affordable, better quality, cigarettes without chemical additives. It’s a market that we know we can serve and serve well.”

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