Rascal House Pizza

Every town needs a Pizza Café!

Rascal House Pizza Logo.jpgMost rascals have a reputation, and Rascal House Pizza Café is no exception. For over 25 years, Rascal House has been feeding delicious, affordable food to hungry college students and the lunch-time corporate crowd in downtown Cleveland. As a result, the Rascal House Pizza Cafe has a reputation as a place for great food, served quickly at the right price. That’s a reputation that Mike Frangos intends to protect.

Mike and Fouly Frangos opened Rascal House Pizza in 1980 across from Cleveland State University in downtown Cleveland. With many years of restaurant experience behind them, they wanted to open a place where people could enjoy good food, relax and hang out with their friends. The term “quick-casual” referred to the speed of the service and the atmosphere of the restaurant but, by no means, did the Frangos’ try and hustle anyone out the door quickly. The result was an enthusiastic “thumbsup” from the university crowd. The Rascal House became a destination, then a habit, an institution and, finally, a Cleveland landmark.

As the Rascal House reputation grew, so did the demand for their outstanding pizza throughout the Cleveland metro area. Mike recognized the potential and the opportunity and began to open additional Rascal House Pizza Cafés in Cleveland and northeast Ohio. The success of these new units prompted Mike to extend the Rascal House opportunity through franchising.

The pizza industry is enormous and enormously competitive. 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month and pizza sales exceed $30 billion each year. Mike Frangos is justifiably proud of his reputation for serving great pizza. But he wanted to create a point of difference between Rascal House Pizza Café and the army of “pizza joints” competing for restaurant patrons. Consequently, Rascal House Pizza Café offers an extensive menu of genuinely top tier foods including wings, salads, pasta and sandwiches. The commitment to quality applies to every item on the menu and as a result Rascal House has developed a unique powerhouse catering business model that offers even more sales opportunities to franchisees.

Mike Frangos and his family of Rascals are passionate about Rascal House Pizza Café and their customers. He is committed to growth but with a firm caveat. “We have built a reputation for quality, value and service and we won’t compromise that reputation by growing too quickly or without the right partners.” In other words, Mike wants to attract and support franchisees that share his passion and commitment. “We have a team in place to help our franchise partners with site selection, financing, training and marketing. We’re looking for qualified, reliable, trustworthy individuals as our franchise partners to share our vision.”

If you are looking for a restaurant franchise with outstanding potential, supported by an organization with experience and integrity, then you owe it to yourself to contact Rascal House Pizza Café and its team of “rascals”… the ones with the great reputation.

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