F.C. Dadson helps 7 Valleys Custom Blends create & implement new prototype

August 30, 2006 – 7 Valleys Custom Blends, a York, Pennsylvania-based tobacco retailer and new franchisor, enlisted the aid of Greenville, WS-based F.C. Datson to design and manufacture the interior fixtures and floorplan it needs to implement its national expansion.

“When we first approached 7 Valleys, they were beginning to franchise and wanted a store design that was attractive, functional, and would give them a recognizable, uniform look for their franchises,” says Troy Schwehr, the FCD account representative who manages the 7 Valleys account.

Troy and FCD worked closely with Mark Tucci, president of 7 Valleys Custom Blends, to ensure all his concerns were addressed. The process began with the creation of a floor plan that created natural traffic flow patterns with areas that would help 7 Valleys merchandise their products. FCD also developed a fixture package, design package, and color scheme that tied into the retailer’s product and image and would help 7 Valleys build a recognizable brand. Taking a cue from the merchandise, FCD used light and dark wood tones in its fixtures to resemble the tobacco itself. FCD designed and built a counter, tobacco and coffee display, humidors, and accessory cases that are not only unique to 7 Valleys, but are also completely adaptable to fit the needs of future franchise locations.

“When talking to Mark, one of his main concerns was not having the time to create a new store environment while selling new franchises and continuing to sell product,” says Collin Gruthoff, President/CEO of FCD. “We came in and managed the design and build-out of the stores fixtures to free up more of Mark’s time.”

After the completion of two store projects, FCD isn’t the only one pleased with the partnership. “As a new Franchisor, the advice and service that F.C. Dadson gives our company is truly priceless. We rely on their experienced staff to help plan and deploy our franchise units. I know when I sign a new franchise their build out will be correct because our partners at F.C. Dadson make sure it’s correct. With F.C. Dadson on our team, we can concentrate on supporting our franchises and building our brand. We have peace of mind knowing that F.C. Dadson will be building the stores,” says Tucci.

About Troy Schwehr & F.C. Dadson, Inc.

Troy Schwehr is a retail consultant for F.C. Dadson, Inc. As a retail consultant, he works with businesses to develop functional store layouts and designs. Schwehr comes from an extensive sales background, which has helped him develop a strong customer perspective.

F.C. Dadson, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based fixture manufacturer. The company offers custom fixture design, manufacturing and installation for clients nationwide. The company headquarters is located at N1043 Craftsmen Dr., Suite 2 Greenville, WI 54942. For more information about F.C. Dadson, Inc., visit

About 7 Valleys Custom Blends

7 Valleys Custom Blends is a York, Pennsylvania-based tobacco retailer and the first roll-your0own tobacco shop franchisor. The company specializes in the sale of uniquely-blended tobaccos and other smoking accessories. For more information about the 7 Valleys franchise, call 843-681-3966 or visit

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