Zantigo Mexican Restaurant

Fresh and flavorful Mexican cuisine.

ZantigoLogo150.jpg Forget about the trendy non-Mexican franchise restaurants that serve burritos with the flavor of a rolled-up sleeping bag. Think real Mexican restaurant. Think freshly prepared Mexican cuisine with fast, convenient service, an inviting atmosphere and outstanding value. Now you’re thinking Zantigo. Great food and a cool name are not the only reasons Zantigo Mexican Restaurants are one of the best Undiscovered Franchises north of the border. It’s also the unique perspectives of the owners, Don and Kevin Kaelble. Don and Kevin are experienced operators who both worked for major national franchise companies. They also both were franchise owners of other franchise systems. They developed the Zantigo franchise program based on what they learned in both roles. From the franchise operator’s perspective, Zantigo is operator- and owner- friendly in every area. That makes a Zantigo franchise restaurant a great business to own.

Real quick casual Mexican
Zantigo Mexican Restaurants meet the need for affordable, delicious Mexican food served with speed and convenience. The menu includes a wide variety of favorites, including hard and soft tacos, the Zantigo Kalifornia Burrito, beef and bean tostadas, chilitos, taco salad and piping hot enchiladas. Tapping into their experience, the Kaelbles created a variety of diverse dishes from a limited number of high-quality ingredients. The benefit is less inventory and fewer ingredients to buy and manage.

Impressive training & support
Thanks to Zantigo, you don’t need to be a Mexican chef to operate a great Mexican restaurant. Zantigo provides an impressive training and support program. They provide extensive start-up guidance, including site selection consultation, guidance in restaurant design, floor planning and build out, access to an established vendor network for restaurant equipment, assistance with determining opening inventory, pre-opening checklists, and grand opening planning and assistance. Training is conducted both at corporate locations and at your unit prior to and after opening. Once you’re up and running, they have an impressive field support program and ongoing assistance program. They provide extensive marketing guidance and tools, as well as seasonal marketing campaigns. If you already have restaurant or foodservice experience, you’ll appreciate that Zantigo provides many of the benefits the big chains do, but still has a great number of prime territories and locations available.

My advice? Discover the many opportunities of Zantigo Mexican Restaurants. It’s truly one of the Best Undiscovered Franchises in the industry. Download their franchise brochure from their website. If you like what you see, fill out an application and send it to Don or Kevin Kaelble.

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