G&L Chili Dogs

The amazing Greek chili dog:
A restaurant industry legend.

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G&L Chili Dogs is a restaurant industry legend that boasts a devoted following in western Michigan for over 80 years. Yet while respected for its rich tradition, G&L Chili Dogs is also known for quirky advertising campaigns. G&L management’s ability to maintain the quality and simplicity of their concept while continually reinventing themselves to stay fresh and relevant is one of the features that makes G&L Chili Dogs one of the Best Undiscovered Franchises available today. The coexistence of tradition and innovation can be credited to two brothers with opposite personalities: Peter & Charles “Tripp” Johnson. Peter and Tripp bought G&L restaurants in 1995. Pete is the entrepreneurial, creative and marketing force behind G&L. Tripp represents the pragmatic, operational, procedural, and fiscally responsible side of G&L management. Together they have created a forward-thinking, yet prudent, franchise company that is geared for aggressive, but controlled, expansion.

An amazing history
The G&L Chili Dogs legacy started in the 1920s when two Greek immigrants, George and Louie Coredas, fulfilled their American dream by selling chili dogs from street carts in Muskegon, MI. Their secret-recipe chili sauce slathered over a juicy hot dog became known as “the amazing Greek chili dog.” In the decades that followed, G&L restaurants expanded their menu, modernized operations, and continued to build a reputation for speedy service, generous portions and friendly service.

An amazing concept
G&L restaurant locations provide the speed and convenience of modern “quick casual” concepts with the simplicity, friendliness and service of the luncheonettes of yesteryear. In addition to the signature chili dog, G&L restaurants serve up a generous menu of America’s favorites: bratwurst, hamburgers, and fresh sandwiches such as grilled cheese, tuna salad and single stack clubs. Sides include salads, chips and fries. G&L’s madeto- order, extra-rich milkshakes are becoming legends in themselves. Portion and pricing strategy is intended to communicate value, making G&L the kind of restaurant customers can return toagain and again.

Why it’s worth a look G&L

Chili Dogs is a rare regional treasure that has adopted modern efficiency without losing its small ton charm. G&L can appeal to any town and any clientele—white collar, blue collar or no collar. Plus, here’s a reason no one can argue with: the Greek chili dog truly is amazing…not to mention, addictive.

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