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Young Entrepreneurs Truck National Junk Removal Success Story to Tampa

–Building upon nothing-to-multi-million-dollar success, 26 year-old execs relocate for better workforce–

TAMPA, Fla. (July 7, 2008) — From Washington D.C. with nothing, to $3 Million in three years, and now to Tampa, 26-year-old President Nick Friedman and CEO Omar Soliman, have found a new national headquarters for the junk removal company they refer to as their “baby.” They’re armed with a fast-growth success story, a proven model, an informed plan, not to mention junk removal franchises popping up all over the country – College Hunks Hauling Junk will now be running that operation from their new national hub at the West Shore Club on West Gandy Boulevard.

With a memorably quirky name, logo, phone number, overt color palette, and bright, glossy trucks, they’ll be hard to miss – in addition to the new Tampa-based headquarter, the Tampa franchise, the company’s twelfth, is getting off the ground this month.

‘College Hunks Hauling Junk’ originated when two college buddies set out to earn extra money during summer vacation – they did. After graduating and some stints as executives, they decided the corporate culture wasn’t for them, so they “blew the dust” off an award-winning business plan created in school based on their “extra money” venture. The company hauls large unwanted items of virtually any sort, then everything is properly recycled, disposed of, or donated (over 60% recycled). Additionally, they donate a portion of revenue to local college scholarships, and they offer pro bono services including ongoing programs for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Though the name is playful, the professionalism is not. Principals explain that ‘hunk’ is a subjective term, and in their application they refer to such traits as “clean-cut, hard-working pleasant, educated, friendly, personable, courteous,” contributing to a professional brand that is of utmost importance to their success, and applying a clean, crisp image to work that is not traditionally glamorous. In terms of who makes up the ‘Hunks,’ the company includes men, women, undergraduates, non-students, graduates, athletes, law and med students, and more – as long as they adhere to the “clean-cut” persona.

Company principals are prepared to establish 12 more franchises over the next year and to have franchises in every major metropolitan market at their five-year mark.

The Tampa franchise is owned and operated by Faisal Ansari, 26, who graduated from University of

Miami in 2000, and opened the Orlando Franchise in 2007.

And why they’ve come to Tampa to further their national growth – the call centers. Their phone number, 1.800.JUNK.USA – bought from a doctor’s office for about $14,000 – is a key marketing tool as it connects callers with national dispatchers. Washington D.C., as principals describe it, is not known for their abundance of quality call center professionals.

About College Hunks Hauling Junk

College Hunks Hauling Junk® helps remove unwanted items providing friendly, collegiate teams to remove junk quickly from anywhere within commercial or residential property. The company proudly donates a portion of revenues from each job to local college scholarship programs. Information is available at




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Java Jo’z Snowden Is Granted Second Motion to Continue Sentencing

FranBest FRANCHISE WATCH has been keeping tabs on the story of Java Jo’z franchisor Roy Snowden, who has been convicted of Tax Evasion & Fraud charges.  Numerous Java Jo’z franchisees have allegedly been unable to recover deposits of $20K & $30K made to Java Jo’z.  This is an excerpt from Janet Spark’s post on Blue MauMau:

First Motion to Refinance Home Denied

In an Order from the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division, Senior U.S. District Judge granted the Second Motion to Continue Sentencing in United States of America v. Roy P. Snowden. The motion, filed January 16, had requested that the sentencing scheduled for January 23, be continued due to a family medical crisis of Snowden’s counsel, preventing him to attend the sentencing.

Snowden’s first Motion to Continue Sentencing, filed January 10, had been denied by the court.  The motion was mainly on the grounds that Snowden had been in the process of refinancing his residential home, which had been approved in the amount of $1.4 million, which was less than 70% of the appraised value. 

The motion states that the defendant is in the process of seeking additional lenders that would loan up to approximately $1.7 or $1.8 million in the refinance. The refinance would eliminate a first and second mortgage and it states, “. . . it should leave sufficient funds to eliminate all of the back taxes, interest, and penalties.” The $1.4 million would eliminate the two mortgages and the balance of approximately $850,000 to $900,000 would be left to be payable to the I.R.S. against the taxes, penalties, and interest.



Franchisors Extend Goodwill Offers to Java Jo’z Victims

The widespread coverage throughout the blogosphere regarding the franchise owners who lost the downpayments they made for Java Jo’z coffee franchises has caught the attention of some sympathetic franchisors. These franchisors have made the goodwill gesture to waive upfront fees or extend deep discounts to the approximately 10 individuals who were seeking to open franchises in their home towns.

Franchise owners must, of course, meet all franchisor requirements to join the system, but if they could be eligible to receive waived fees and significant discounts to help offset the money they lost. Franchisors are invited to contact if they wish to extend an offer.

According to FranBest.Com’s Sean Kelly: “This is a great opportunity for franchisors to step forward and show that franchising is not all about money. The best franchises are about creating win-win situations, and working together as a team toward a common goal. When they achieve that, the money follows.”

The first franchisor to extend an offer is Mark Deloury, Founder of Parrot Pizza, who offered to waive the $25,000 franchise fee for anyone who lost $20,000 or more to Java Jo’z.

Parrot Pizza: Will waive $25,000 franchise fee

Bad Ass Coffee Co.: Discount & Special Terms

In appreciation of their generous offers, FranBest.Com will provide a year of free franchise advertising on the FranBest.Com network to any franchise company that provides the fee waivers and/or discount to the victims of Java Jo’z.

For background information on the Java Jo’z & Cuppy’s coffee controversy, click here:

Franchise Pick Overview of Java Jo’z/ Cuppy’s Controversy

Java Jo’z, Emerald Coast Mfgr., Roy Snowden

Cuppy’s/Java Jo’z discussion on BlueMauMau.Com


Cuppy’s & Java Jo’z: A Cautionary Tale

Here is a quick (and carefully worded) recap:  A number of individuals claim that they paid refundable fees of $20K & $30K to a company (Java Jo’z) contingent upon finding a location.  They can’t find locations & ask for their money back.  They are told that the assets of the company the individuals paid have been sold to another company (Cuppy’s), and their money is gone.  Sorry.  The individuals are confused because the new company looks like the same people sitting in the same desks in the same office as the old company, but now their logoed shirts say “Cuppy’s” instead of “Java Jo’z.”  The new, improved company hires high-powered lawyers to patiently and emphatically explain to these people that the new shirts mean they should go away quietly and leave them alone.

What are the lessons here for prospective franchisees?  Don’t ever put money down on a franchise, even if refundable?  Insist on an escrow account?  What are the lessons would-be franchise buyers can take away from this unfortunate situation?

What are the lessons here for franchisors?  Can you really transfer assets without the bad will and unresolved complaints coming along?  Is it cheaper in the long run to make amends and show good faith, or to use legal and PR efforts to silence the debate?  Has blogging made tactics of the past obsolete?

What positive lessons can we learn from this debacle?

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Cuppy’s Coffee Issues Statement Regarding Java Jo’z Controversy

This official statement from Cuppy’s Coffee & More regarding the Java Jo’z controversy was posted in the comments section of a FranBest.Com post:

Official Statement from Cuppy’s Coffee & More

In May 2006, Medina Enterprises, a Nevada based company, purchased the assets of Java Jo’z Coffee & More, LLC, and Emerald Coast Manufacturing Inc. From this transaction, the principle owner of Medina formed an association with another individual, and Cuppy’s Coffee & More, an international coffee franchise, emerged.

Through this transaction, Cuppy’s Coffee obtained the rights to the logos, assumed the leases and acquired a majority of the equipment. A majority of the former employees of Java Jo’z were offered positions and are now employed at Cuppy’s.

Java Jo’z still exists as a licensing company and is owned by Kim Snowden. Roy and Kim Snowden have no financial, operational, or legal association with Cuppy’s Coffee.

Although Cuppy’s Coffee holds no legal obligation to provide marketing, operational, or product support to the Java Jo’z customers, Cuppy’s has chosen to offer these services to the Java Jo’z owners.

Since August 2006, Cuppy’s Coffee has been inviting any coffee business (including Java Jo’z customers) the opportunity to convert into a Cuppy’s franchise. For conversion details please contact Rudy Harper at

 I have contacted Rudy Harper via email to ask him for the conditions and terms of “conversion.”  Will the alleged deposits of $20K-$30K be credited to those Java Jo’z who paid them to Java Jo’z.  What form will the credits be in:  waived franchise fees and future royalties?  The alleged “victims” had been unable to find locations.  Will Cuppy’s find them suitable locations for their businesses?  I’ll update this post with the answers when/if received.