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In 1934, Tom Carvel borrowed $15 from his futurewife Agnes, filled a battered vending truck with ice cream, and drove off in search of the American dream. His truck broke down in Hartsdale, NY, but the dream never faltered. On that very site, Tom Carvel started selling his ice cream which would one day become New York City’s number one ice cream brand and would create a cult-like following that has existed for over 70 years. Today, you are pursuing your own American dream, and we welcome the opportunity to share the many reasons why you should consider a Carvel franchise.

Carvel Business FranchisesOur vision is simple. We want to be a national player in the ice cream industry, an innovator in franchising and a “best in class” employer. This is what gets us up in the morning.

At Carvel, we believe in promoting Carvel through multiple types of venues. Our unique concepts allow our franchisees to offer our delicious ice cream products in a wide range of locations and opportunities.

Carvel Ice Cream FranchisesThe time is right and the reasons plentiful for you to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company. Carvel currently operates over 500 franchised and food service locations, and is part of FOCUS Brands Inc, owner of Carvel, Cinnabon and certain international markets of Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Together, we can create memories – for you, for your family, and most importantly for your customers. Read on to learn the many reasons why Carvel can help you realize your American dream, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Be part of “The Carvel Way”

One of the most important aspects of owning a franchise is support of your operationTheCarvel franchise operations department provides you withmany areas of support,including field and corporate operations, design and construction, purchasing, marketing and many others as well as the Carvel Franchise Advisory Council, known as CFAC.

Field Operations support includes:

• Regular consultation visits
• Store review – everything a customer sees
• Business review and analysis

Franchise Resources support includes:
Carvel Ice Cream Business opportunities

• Toll-free helpline
• One stop provider of answers for any miscellaneous questions you may have
• Dedicated trained team member

Development Services support includes:

• Prototype plan for your particular location
• Staff to answer any design and construction questions
• Detailed design and construction manual including equipment and design information

Purchasing and National Account support includes

• Discounted everyday service and products for the franchisee use, including pest control, contractors, insurance, credit card service

Marketing support includes:

• Carvel OpportunitiesAdvertising
• Local store marketing
• Product development
• Public relations

Training support includes:

• Field training
• 10 days at the Carvel College of Ice Cream Knowledge
• Onsite store opening assistance
• Continuing education

Get a free detailed info packet from Carvel

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Cold Stone Creamery to Offer Cereality Cereal Cafe Franchise

( Founded in 2003, Cereality is a new concept in the QSR space, specializing in creating a unique and entertaining experience around the American ritual of eating cereal. Customers choose a base from Cereality’s menu of more than 30 cereal varieties and signature cereal blends, and select from 40 toppings and mix-in combinations to create their ultimate bowl topped with their favorite assorted milk and hot and cold beverage. The offerings extend to parfaits, smoothies, cereal bars and other bakery items. The Cereality customer experience is enhanced by a home kitchen atmosphere and the preparation of orders by pajama-clad Cereologists™.

“When we formed Kahala•Cold Stone, we promised to aggressively seek out acquisitions of leading brands in the QSR space to grow the portfolio of franchise brands for partners, and this is the first of many to come,” said Kevin Blackwell, chairman and chief strategist of Kahala•Cold Stone. “Cereality is one of the most exciting, distinctive concepts to be launched in the past decade, attracting a great deal of interest from franchisees and cereal-craving customers alike.”

Cereality has seven cafés in operation, with an eighth location scheduled to open at JFK International Airport later this month. Cereality currently holds franchise commitments for the opening of an additional 24 cafés over the next six years. Prior to 2007, Cereality had wholly owned and operated all of its cafés. There are now two franchise locations open and the company has received more than 7,000 inquiries to date from entrepreneurs interested in opening Cerealities across the country.

“We believe Kahala•Cold Stone is well-placed to scale the Cereality concept and create new opportunities for our more than 3,000 franchisees who are very taken with the concept and eager to explore multi-branding within our portfolio,” said Doug Ducey, CEO of Kahala•Cold Stone. “We plan to grow the Cereality brand by doing what we do best – providing exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, successful concepts for our franchisees and innovative, fun experiences for our loyal customers.”

Cereality co-founders David Roth and Rick Bacher commented, “Kahala•Cold Stone is a franchising powerhouse and we believe Cereality will realize its full potential by leveraging its operational and brand-building expertise. Shared between us is a sharp focus on creating a unique customer experience and we very much look forward to opportunities to come as we ramp up our visibility in the marketplace.

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we fully appreciate the value Kahala•Cold Stone is delivering to fellow entrepreneurs.”

Cereality marks the first acquisition by the recently formed Kahala•Cold Stone, the next wave in brand building with the vision, experience and track record for delivering to market new and robust franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide. As announced on May 10, 2007 Kahala•Cold Stone was formed through the combination of Kahala Corp., a leading franchiser, developer, and marketer of QSR and the Cold Stone Creamery®, the fastest-growing ice cream concept in the United States.


Kahala•Cold Stone is creating the next big wave in franchising. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., the Company owns and franchises 14 diversified restaurant and service brands resulting in more than 4,600 locations worldwide, and $1.1 billion in system-wide sales. Currently, the brand portfolio includes: BLIMPIE, Cereality, Cold Stone Creamery, Frullati Café & Bakery, Great Steak & Potato Co., Johnnie’s New York Pizzeria, NRgize Lifestyle Café, Ranch1, Rollerz, Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill, Surf City Squeeze, TacoTime, V’s Barbershop, WafflÔ. To learn more about Kahala•Cold Stone and its host of business opportunities, please visit the company websites at and


Cereality is the first restaurant business to ever break the mold of traditional foodservice to bring a unique, highly personal, healthy eating experience to the consumer, entirely focused around brand-name cereals. Customers can choose from more than 30 different cereal varieties, over 40 different toppings, a variety of milks (including soy and lactose-free) and choices of hot and cold beverages. The unique residential, home kitchen atmosphere is punctuated by familiar brand-name cereal boxes displayed in custom-built kitchen cabinets and pajama-clad Cereologists™ prepare orders to customers’ specifications. For photos and more information please visit


Rita’s Italian Ice Has Ambitious Franchise Growth Plans


According to this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the new owners of Rita’s have aggressive growth plans for the franchise chain.

Here’s an excerpt:

Rita’s wants 1,500 stores, each earning $500,000 a season
When Jim Rudolph and his brother, Bill, bought Rita’s Water Ice in May 2005, they were stunned by the amount of attention they got.

“You have to remember, I’m not from Philadelphia,” said Jim Rudolph, now Rita’s chief executive officer. “I’m from Pittsburgh.”

Rudolph didn’t realize how popular Rita’s was in the Philadelphia region, where it had been founded in 1984 by a firefighter trying to supplement his income.

But McKnight Capital Partners – the Rudolph brothers’ investment firm – didn’t buy it for the strong Philadelphia connection. They bought it to expand far beyond the Mid-Atlantic region.

“Who says this can’t travel?” Rudolph retorts to skeptics who say that people outside the region have no idea what water ice is.

Rudolph – described by franchisees as passionate, tireless and intense – has lofty goals for Rita’s: He wants to have 1,500 stores by 2010, up from 319 when he bought it, and $500,000 in average annual sales per store, up from $225,000 last year.

Full-time employment at Rita’s Water Ice Franchise Co. L.L.C. has climbed from 42 at the time of the sale to 83 now. That does not count the thousands – mostly part-time workers – employed by franchisees. Last year’s sales at Rita’s outlets totaled $73.7 million, the company said. So far this year, they are up 5 percent, Rudolph said.

To meet the 2010 store goal, Rudolph has stepped up the pace of openings, going from 33 in 2005 to 68 last year. This year’s goal is 135 stores. As of last week, 45 had been opened this year, giving the company 451 stores, Rudolph said.

There were about 20 things Rudolph said he was trying to do to meet his ambitious sales-per-store goal. First among them is a steady flow of new products, such as this year’s Blendini, which contains bits of Oreos or Nilla Wafers.

“We want ‘new’ all the time,” Rudolph said. He and franchisees said the Blendini was the first new Rita’s product since 1998, with the exception of Rita’s Squeezers launched in 2005 for supermarket sales.

Perhaps most significant is a change in Rita’s culture, with Rudolph’s leaving behind the model of Rita’s as a part-time mom-and-pop business.

“We’re trying to get a more engaged partner to be involved in this business,” Rudolph said. Like other fast-growing franchisers, Rita’s is signing more franchisees to multistore deals, including a five-store deal last week in Jacksonville, Fla.

That means Rita’s is signing franchisees with more business experience and much more money than the typical franchisee of five years ago. At the same time, the company, which in April moved its headquarters from a cramped building in Bensalem to a 12,000-square-foot facility in a Trevose office park, is demanding more from existing franchisees.

“They’ve raised the bar in the franchise community to run better stores,” said Mitchell Cove, who has been a Rita’s franchisee for 18 seasons and has four stores in Northeast Philadelphia and three in Bucks County. “It’s been a challenge, but they are kind of keeping us on our toes more.”

Rudolph has increased the number of franchise service managers, who are constantly on the road visiting stores and working with franchisees. The increase – from seven, or one for every 46 stores in April 2005, to 13, or one for every 35 stores now – means each franchisee gets more attention… CONTINUE READING…

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Want to be a Barber? V’s is the franchise for you.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a barbershop and you happen to have  $193,450 to $339,500 to invest, the V’s Barbershop franchise may be for you.  Now that they’ve partnered with the fast-track ice cream franchise pros at Cold Stone Creamery, you’re sure to start hearing about V’s Barbershop franchise.  A Nation’s Restaurant News story, entitled Cold Stone to franchise barbershop concept, reports that Cold Stone Creamery will begin offering V’s Barbershop franchises:

SCOTTSDALE , Ariz. (Apr. 5) Cold Stone Creamery, the fast-growing mix-in ice cream chain, said it has entered into an agreement to franchise a barbershop concept in addition to its core brand. Details were not disclosed.

The parties said they will remain separate operations, but V’s Barbershop would move into Cold Stone’s headquarters building here. John Wuycheck, formerly Cold Stone’s vice president of franchise development, has reported been transferred to V’s staff. V’s is owned by Jim Valenzuela, who counted Cold Stone chief executive Doug Ducey among the customers of his first shops.

V’s currently consists of five units, including two franchises. Promotional materials describe it as “an authentic barbershop providing traditional barbering services at reasonable prices in an upscale and uniquely masculine environment.”



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Culver’s, Foot Solutions Franchise Owners Featured in Chicago Tribune

A Chicago Tribune story (“Traders’ Cries Silenced“) explains how many of the successful stockbrokers known as “open-outcry traders,” have had to adapt to computer trading or find another line of work. Interesting, many have found their skill sets more useful in owning a franchise than in the new, computerized form of trading. mentioned have walked into business ownership via franchising.

According to the Chicago Tribune article, Board of Trade veteran Steve Argires hung up his trading jacket and opened a Foot Solutions shoe store franchise.  The Foot Solutions franchise investment average total investment requirement is $200,000, and features limited weekly hours and holidays off, just like the Chicago Board of Trade.

The article profiles Steve Anchini, once among the busiest brokers in the Treasury market.  After seeing the writing on the wall,  Anichini applied the energy and “moxie” that made him a trading star into opening and operating a Culver’s hamburger restaurant in north suburban Lake Zurich, IL.:

Anichini had a big adjustment, too, casting for the right opportunity before settling in 2002 on Culver’s, a Wisconsin-based fast-food chain known for its “ButterBurgers” and frozen custard. “You go from making millions of dollars to what is, in essence, a penny business. We were, in a sense, printing money compared to what it’s like here,” he said. “Running this business, you really have to watch your food costs, all the smaller particulars you don’t have to worry about when you’re making very good money. Down the road, it will catch up to you. You have to watch every cent.”
In the pits, he depended on himself and other rugged professionals, but now delegates to teenagers who require gentle mentoring. And, while the opportunities in the Treasury market were ever fleeting, the restaurant franchise is a long-term proposition: “You wrap yourself around the community.”
He joined the Chamber of Commerce and traveled with the local football team to supply burgers at the state championship. He gets in his car to deliver fries if a take-out order goes missing. Now 45, he could have retired, but then he never would have set up his family in a business.

Steve Anchini is opening a second Culver’s location in the coming months in north suburban Mundelein, IL. 

Congratulations to Steve Argires and Steve Anchini on their new careers as franchise owners, and congratulations to the Foot Solutions and Culver’s franchise organizations for attracting such high-profile and talented franchisees.