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Designing The Tools For Success

Atlantic Pinstriping Franchise Opportunity

In the classic film “The Graduate”, a successful businessman and family friend corners Dustin Hoffman (Ben) to share his unsolicited and rather mundane career advice. “Ben, Ben, Ben,” says the businessman, “I’ve got one word for you.. . Plastics.” As I’ve gotten older and seen sexy business concepts come and go, I sound at times, like that businessman. I’ve learned that savvy, experienced entrepreneurs don’t judge an opportunity by how it comes across at a cocktail party. They want a business that works. They value operational simplicity. Clarity of purpose. Low overhead. And a competitive edge. They value concepts that have a clear under-standing of who its customers are, where to find them, how to attract them and how to keep them. Those qualities describe Atlantic PinStriping.

A unique service

Atlantic PinStriping franchise owners provide a valuable ongoing service (predominantly) to new car dealers in their territory. They enable them to do two things: enhance the appearance and salability of their new car inventory, and boost add-on sales (and profits) by offering quality custom painted pinstripes to car buyers. As an Atlantic PinStriping franchise owner, your job will be to establish relationships with car dealers and their sales staffs, and build a team that provides exceptional service, which generates repeat business and customer loyalty. You don’t need automotive experience, though sales experience is helpful.

Patented tool, proprietary process

Traditionally, the process of applying painted pinstripes (vs. low quality tape or decal pinstripes) is time consuming, expensive and can take years of practice to master. Atlantic PinStriping founder Mike Montemurro changed that by designing a proprietary, patented tool and process for applying quality painted pinstripes quickly and accurately after the completion of Atlantic’s comprehensive training. This tool is available only to Atlantic PinStriping franchise owners. You won’t need expensive retail space or an extensive inventory. In fact, you may be able to operate your Atlantic PinStriping franchise initially as a home-based business, then move into modestly priced office space as you grow.

Trendy it’s not

OK, so owning a pinstriping franchise won’t make you the toast of your yacht club. Still, you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at this opportunity. On a final note, it’s my understanding that, after “The Graduate,” Ben laughed off the businessman’s advice, opened a coffeehouse, and watched helplessly as his new business vaporized like so much cappuccino steam when Starbucks hit town. The problem with hot new concepts, Ben learned, is that they hardly ever turn into hot, old concepts. So, if you’re looking for an undiscovered franchise with amazing potential, I’ve got just two words for you: “Atlantic PinStriping” .

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