3 Tomatoes and a Mozzarella

The Neighborhood Pizzeria Redefined

3 Tom SS Logo.jpgJust as Starbucks reinvented the neighborhood coffee shop and Panera Bread reinvented the local sandwich shop, 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella are redefining the neighborhood pizzeria to meet the rising expectations of today’s consumer. And in the $30 billion pizza industry, that’s no small feat.

When you enter a 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella restaurant, you find yourself in a Tuscan-inspired Italian eatery with a touch of class, a bit of heater, reasonable prices, app ealing menu items and lots of Old World charm. But the truly delightful discovery begins once you are presented with a pizza that not only exceeds your expectations, but sings with freshness and flavor.

Nancy and Jeff Roskin started 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella after they relocated to Arizona from Connecticut and were unable to find the kind of pizza they enjoyed at their former home. But rather than just develop a delicious pizza, the Roskins decided to develop an entirely new dining experience.

They crafted a formula that included a menu of freshly-prepared Italian specialties served in an upscale environment. 3 Tomatoes does not attempt to overwhelm customers with choices. The philosophy is to serve a limited amount of items extraordinarily well. Guests can select from a variety of tasty thin crust pizzas, made-to-order pastas, paninis, salads and scrumptious desserts. The atmosphere reflects the experience at a Tuscan bistro with pillars, trellises, plants, copper-topped tables and a stained concrete floor. The display kitchen is enclosed in glass to remain visible but unobtrusive. A warm eggplant and mustard color scheme completes the Tuscan touches.

3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella has been carefully designed to maximize efficiency without compromising the quality of the dining experience. The menu is purposely kept simple so that emphasis can be placed on preparing and presenting truly memorable meals. The fast-casual sector continues to grow because customers want great food served quickly and affordably. 3 Tomatoes raises the bar by adding an element of sophistication to fast-casual dining without surrendering on price. Franchisees benefit from such careful planning and can expect to become immersed in the carefully structured training program and emerge with all of the knowledge they will need to run an effective operation.

The 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella support program is designed to focus on franchisees with the same level of interest and concern as owners provide to their customers. Franchisees can choose from a variety of available resources with 3 Tomatoes’ turnkey franchising system. The support program offers assistance through every phase of development and implementation and franchisees can elect to have the 3 Mozzarellas’ team as involved or as removed as they desire.

3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella is a franchise opportunity that takes pizza and casual dining to a new level. Now’s a good time for you to reinvent the pizzeria – and delight the taste buds – of your “neighborhood.”

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