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ParrotLogo150.jpgWhen you visit the World Headquarters of Parrot Pizza, you will not be awed by shimmering office towers, metal pizza sculptures or marble executive washrooms. You will, however, encounter something (someone, actually) much more impressive: Mark Deloury. Mark Deloury is the humble, down to earth, hardworking founder of Parrot Pizza, and one of the nicest guys in all of franchising. But it’s his passion for—and knowledge of—the pizza business that you’ll find most impressive. He is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable pizza operators you’ll ever meet. He is passionate about product quality, passionate about his team (which is excellent), and passionate about customer service. Most of all, he is passionate about the success of his franchise owners. He knows what it takes to excel in the pizza market on the local level, and is eager to pass on his knowledge to growth-minded franchisees.

Catch the ‘founder’s fire’
One of the key benefits of the Parrot Pizza franchise opportunity is what I call the “founder’s fire.” You will learn the business, and have the direct support, of the one who best understands what it takes to introduce the Parrot Pizza concept in a new market, what it takes to win customers and keep them coming back for more. And unlike the national chains, there are prime markets available for franchise expansion.

History of Parrot Pizza
Mark Deloury grew up in the restaurant industry, and started his pizza business in 1993. In the years that followed, Mark developed recipes and procedures for a delicious and distinctive pizza (made with fresh—not frozen— dough), dozens of hot, baked sandwiches, authentic pasta dishes and freshly prepared salads available for take-out, dine-in or delivery. Over the years, Mark and his management team fine-tuned operational and cost-control procedures so that they can give customers what they want: great food. Great value. Convenience. And excellent service. In 2002, he sought a distinctive name and colorful brand identity that would make his franchisees’ businesses stand out in the marketplace. The Parrot Pizza name and brand was born.

Why it’s worth a look
The pizza industry is lively, highly competitive and huge: with sales exeeding $30 billion. 94% of all Americans eat pizza, and of those, 93% eat pizza every month. There’s a lot of competitors, but it’s a fragmented market with lots of opportunity. If you’ve got enthusiasm, energy and ambition, the Parrot Pizza franchise can provide you with what you need to compete in your market: a high quality product line, an efficient operational system and one of the most colorful and attention-getting brand identities in the industry.

Next steps
Email Mark Deloury ( to set up a time to discuss the Parrot Pizza franchise opportunity for your market.

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