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BlueMauMau.Org Launches Franchise Directory

 (FranBest.Com)  Congratulations to our friends at the lively franchise industry forum on the launch of their new franchise directory, which they claim is “one of the most complete, if not the most complete American franchise directory on the Internet. As far as we can figure, it has easily twice as many listings as any other major franchise portal.” 

The new Blue Mau Mau franchise directory has a lot of people very excited, not the least of which is the woman to the left.

While it will take a little time for to finetune and prune some of the listings, I have to say there are a number of active franchisors in their list I’ve never heard of… and that’s saying something since I cruise the web franchise scene pretty frequently.  Here are some I’d never heard of:

Over 2400 Listed, Categorized, and Alphabetized, with Franchisor Website Links

For convenience, nearly all franchisor entries have a hyperlink to the franchisor’s site. They’ve built a lot of tools to help you find and contact the right franchise for you. And of course, you can read members’ remarks and star rankings on concepts.



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