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Amazing Kabob House Franchises Mediterranean Cuisine

Looks like a brand new franchise.  The demand for Mediterranean cuisine is good and an uncrowded market niche.

Enthusiastic reception of the Amazing Kabob House’s exceptional Mediterranean cuisine has propelled the successful brother and sister team of Kochai and Omar Farhad to a decision to franchise their popular restaurant. Originally established to offer traditional Mediterranean food to the mainstream American market, this team rapidly discovered the wide-appeal of a healthy Afghan-influenced menu.

What began as a healthy alternative to fast food in the city of Orange in March 2003, and opened in Brea, CA in November 2005, has quickly become the popular place to enjoy this delicious selection of Afghan/Persian-influenced Mediterranean fare. Patrons travel from Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties, as well as the local area, to enjoy this cuisine, which is offered at a very reasonable price.

Besides being delicious, Amazing Kabob entrees cater to the growing trend of smart dining. With the increasing demand for nutritious, delicious, and calorie conscious food, along with the growing awareness of the health-value of a Mediterranean diet, dining out can be now be healthy without sacrificing taste. With no added cheese or sugar, tasty menu items are satisfying for everyone – vegetarians and meat lovers alike! Low-carb choices are available, as well.

Appetizers are just the starting point of each feast, with fresh-baked naan (bread cooked in a clay oven) served with garlic, hummas, sarma, or baba ghannouj, kabobs (filet mignon, chicken, ground beef, seafood, and vegetable) and sandwiches served as wraps and stuffed pitas; soup and salads – all offered in lunch or dinner-sized portions – are guaranteed to satisfy the largest appetite. Child portions are also available. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable.


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