Best Sports Franchises

Advantage Golf Franchise OpportunityThe excitement starts the minute you call Advantage Golf. The minute you realize you’ve found the only partner you need to help make your event a success. Advantage Golf has the resources and innovative products to fulfill virtually every aspect of your event – Hole-in-one prize packages, arrival gifts, awards, promotional products, signage and more. From golf tournaments to trade shows, charity events, to employee rewards, Advantage Golf provides the customized, turn-key services that save you both time and money.

Our mission is to provide our customers with an innovative product mix, the most competitive pricing coupled with the highest level of service in the golf industry. We recognize the difficulty and responsibility that comes with planning a successful event, and have designed our entire business around making the process easy. Come visit our one-of-a-kind showroom and your Advantage Golf Partner will help you make it happen.

Clients are thrilled when they discover how easy it can be to plan their event with Advantage Golf. From planning to execution, arrival gifts to tournament awards, we have the expertise, the innovative products, and the resources to facilitate any size tournament – from corporate outings and celebrity events, to local fund-raising and charity tournaments – and the hole-in-one prizes, awards, signs, skills contests and more to add excitement to any golf tournament. That’s why we say “The Excitement Starts Here!”

We believe Advantage Golf’s tremendous success and acceptance by the public can be attributed to our unique way of doing business – professionalism and knowledge coupled with tremendous service and value in a world where service and value are becoming more important, and less common, every day.

Advantage Golf has put together a fabulous franchise opportunity in the booming golf industry. We offer you the buying power, training, marketing support and the unique combination of products and services to build an exciting and profitable business in this special niche market, and our management staff has the expertise to grow the organization.

Advantage Golf Franchise to BuyAt Advantage Golf, we are looking for professional, goal-oriented people who believe in themselves and are looking for an opportunity to build successful, long-term business in the golf industry.


Best Bakery Franchises

Established in 2000, “A Taste of Philly” is a family owned and operated soft pretzel bakery. From the first day our bakery doors opened, we knew we’d made the right decision. Priding ourselves on originality, we offer unique menu items all made with soft pretzels.

Our bakery’s emphasis is on the product being hand twisted on site and in view of customers. Selling a quality product that is well liked and affordable by all is the key to our bakery’s success.

A Glance At Our Product

Our menu is simple yet yummy – we offer just enough variety that it’s hard to choose just one!

We offer several soft pretzel varieties – a traditional “Philly Style” twist with toppings to choose, dippable nuggets, pretzel braids, gourmet twists in 4 flavors, pretzel sticks, pretzel hot dogs & cheese and more. Other favorites include our pretzel pockets and our breakfast specials.

We also specialize in shaping our soft pretzels into any letter, number or object for special occasions and offer a variety of party trays. On the sweeter side, our “A Taste of Philly’s Sweets” are a treat.

We hand dip on site, chocolate covered hard pretzels using only the finest quality chocolate. Finished with any topping imaginable!

A Taste of Philly Bakery Franchises For SaleIn addition to fabulous pretzels, “A Taste of Philly” offers Bake At Home Pretzel Kits and children’s parties where the children are encouraged to be creative and make different shapes out of their pretzels. From flowers to Christmas trees, all their works of art are baked, decorated and packaged in their pretzel bag to be taken home.

Franchise Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the “A Taste of Philly” Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery™ franchise family. Our Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery™ locations are quite unique in the market place.

The key to “A Taste of Philly” Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery’sTM continued success has been to focus on every aspect of our company…from quality products to pleasing atmospheres.

In 2000, we went beyond the other pretzel franchises with their concept of focusing solely on wholesaling. Taking a snack that was already ever so popular and creating unique menu items for retail unlike anyone had tasted.

We didn’t stop there…offering other items such as:

A Taste of Philly Bakery Franchise for Sale• Gourmet Pretzels
• Stuffed Pretzels
• Hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels
• Our original Bake at Home Pretzel Kits
• On site Birthday Parties

As we pride ourselves on a quality pretzel, we equally do so on the quality of our store fronts. Each franchise site has a cafe style that welcomes customers to watch how our pretzels are made. Because of this concept, our pretzel bakery proudly continues to stand out above the rest today.


Best Community Publications Franchises

Publish a local edition of “The Homesteader,” the publication for new homeowners! This is a great work-from-home business opportunity for people with sales, marketing, publishing, or business experience!

” The Homesteader” is a monthly newspaper, in publication since 1990, and is direct-mailed to new homeowners. Each issue includes articles of interest to newcomers, like home improvement projects, decorating tips, antiques, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, local travel, museums, and a community calendar. We help new homeowners “settle in” to their new community.

Advertising in “The Homesteader” is a great value to local businesses. We reach their most valuable target market: new homeowners. Because we give the new homeowner a free subscription, they are exposed to our advertisers’ ads repeatedly. And because we mail 5,000+ papers per month, the cost-per-contact is only a few cents per household, depending on the size of their ad. It’s a great value!Businesses like to reach new homeowners because they have high income, are unfamiliar with local merchants, and have a need for many products and services as a new resident and a homeowner.We are offering a publishing opportunity to produce a local “Homesteader” in your market. You would run the operation locally, getting monthly articles from us, selling local ads, and working with a local printer and graphic artist to produce the paper each month. In addition to publishing a local edition, you would also offer related services to boost your profits and provide more services to your advertisers. Options include direct mail programs, inserts, labels, and coupons. There are a number of advertiser-feedback programs that we also recommend.

Most of your content you will receive from us, the rest you will generate through local freelance writers (working with local writers is suggested but not required, as we provide plenty of monthly articles). As a local publisher, you are primarily responsible for advertising sales. You would hire a local printer, graphic artist, freelance writers, and other vendors to help you produce your paper and run your business. As the publisher, you would oversee their work, generate new sales, bill clients, and hire sales or telemarketing help, if desired. You may publish one edition of “The Homesteader” in a local territory, or you can run multiple editions and gain efficiencies in sales, marketing, graphic arts, and printing. Each territory should cover a population size of about 250,000 people, give or take 50,000. Each territory is the same price, but we can grant a longer time to develop additional territories, if needed.

Homesteader Enterprises, Inc. is offering local territories on very attractive terms. Buy your first territory for only $400 down, $3,000 after six months. The first six months are on a trial basis–if you do not like the business or are not successful, you can resign. The first three issues you publish are royalty-free! There is a 10% royalty on ads sold after your third issue published. You won’t start publishing for two to four months from when you start the business. During that time, you set up your office, line up your vendors, and begin selling. Hopefully, when you are ready to begin publishing, you have a number of advertisers lined up for your first issue. (If you don’t have enough, delay that first issue until you have more!) If advertising sales go well, you might break even or earn a small profit on your first issue. However, don’t expect to draw a salary from the business for at least the first six months. The major investment during the first six months is your time. If you decide to hire sales or telemarketing help, you can get started on the road to success much more quickly…but there is added expense. How you approach this is up to you. It is not necessary to hire anyone to help you sell, but it is an option you should consider.

We provide an extensive Training Manual and two days of classroom training in Concord, Massachusetts to get you started. There is no extra cost for this training, but you must pay your own travel and lodging expenses. Training CDs, email, and phone support are also included.We provide a monthly editorial package with 20-40 articles on average. These articles are posted on our website in a members-only section. Many articles have clip art or photos (which also are available on the website).


15 New Low-Cost Franchises

( The franchise blog) Franchise industry scouting report reports the sighting of 15 new franchise opportunities. They range from mobile video game franchises for hot dog and pizza franchises to flip-flop shop franchises to tax preparation franchise to pet care franchises and everything in-between. Check them out:

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BEST FRANCHISE SEARCH Best Mobile Franchises

Best Mobile Franchises

K&N Electric Inc. of Fort Worth is planning to expand nationally through its new franchising venture, K&N Mobile Distribution Systems®.
The franchise opportunity is essentially a mobile parts store, a utility van with thousands of parts that can be sold and delivered directly to manufacturers and machinery repair facilities virtually anywhere in the U.S.
According to CEO Curtis Nelson:”There is an enormous market potential worldwide for our products and services,” he said, noting that K&N’s customer is any business that manufactures or repairs any type of machinery.

Nelson believes the company can sell at least five to 10 franchises by the end of the year, with an eventual capacity of least 1,500 franchises nationwide. Founded in 1972 by Curtis’s father, Jerry Nelson, the company plans to work with several brokers around the country to market the franchise opportunity.

K&N Electric supports its franchisees with intensive training, an automated order system with barcodes, a voice-activated GPS system, prospect lists, and nearly 10,000 SKUs to get started.
“We really think that with our strong commitment to our customers, this really is the best franchise and career opportunity out there for someone working in the industrial parts field who wants to be in business for him or herself,” Nelson said. “We treat our franchisees like we treat our customers, and we want to be in business together and help each other make money for many years.”
Franchise opportunities are available in every state except Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. The investment cost is $10,000 for the initial fee; $25,000 to $35,000 for inventory; and between $12,000 and $15,000 for equipment.