Is a Franchise a Better Investment Than College?


According to a (tongue-in-cheek?) post over on Franchise Pick, going to college is just a waste of time and every college student and graduate knows it. Would students be better investing in a franchise than higher education? You be the judge:

Here’s an excerpt:

Wise Up! Skip College. Buy a Franchise!

by Sean Kelly

I don’t want to imply that college is a waste of time, money and brain cells, so I’ll state it:

College is a waste of time, money and brain cells.

I know. I went to college (7 of the best years of my life).

When I graduated with my English degree, the business world threw a HUGE welcome party for me and rewarded my educational accomplishments with a lucrative position in Combustible Timber Logistics (or firewood delivery, for you non-grads). Pursuing my dream of complete unemployability, I returned for my Masters degree, and even stayed on to teach for a few years. Eventually, they forcibly ejected me through the ivy-covered doors to accept the fate of all college grads: a job completely unrelated to my field of study in a company whose owner dropped out halfway through 7th grade.

But don’t college graduates have much higher incomes than non-graduates?
Sure. Just ask the clerk at That Fish Place next time you’re buying goldfish for your pet piranha. He’ll tell you how he thanks his lucky stars every day for his PhD in Marine Biology.

Or ask those unfortunates who have had to struggle through life without college degrees. Poor Bill Gates ($56 bil), Paul Allen ($18 bil), Michael Dell ($15 bil) & Larry Ellison ($21 billion)… think of what they could have achieved had they finished college! Such a waste! It’s reported that billionaire John Simplot (3 bil), inventor of the French Fry, felt inferior around the liberal arts graduates who manned his deep fryers or who so articulately asked the customers “Would you like fries with that?”

College Diplomas: Worst. Investment. Ever.
According to The College Board’s annual report, “Trends in College Pricing”, the total college costs…

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