Franchisors Extend Goodwill Offers to Java Jo’z Victims

The widespread coverage throughout the blogosphere regarding the franchise owners who lost the downpayments they made for Java Jo’z coffee franchises has caught the attention of some sympathetic franchisors. These franchisors have made the goodwill gesture to waive upfront fees or extend deep discounts to the approximately 10 individuals who were seeking to open franchises in their home towns.

Franchise owners must, of course, meet all franchisor requirements to join the system, but if they could be eligible to receive waived fees and significant discounts to help offset the money they lost. Franchisors are invited to contact if they wish to extend an offer.

According to FranBest.Com’s Sean Kelly: “This is a great opportunity for franchisors to step forward and show that franchising is not all about money. The best franchises are about creating win-win situations, and working together as a team toward a common goal. When they achieve that, the money follows.”

The first franchisor to extend an offer is Mark Deloury, Founder of Parrot Pizza, who offered to waive the $25,000 franchise fee for anyone who lost $20,000 or more to Java Jo’z.

Parrot Pizza: Will waive $25,000 franchise fee

Bad Ass Coffee Co.: Discount & Special Terms

In appreciation of their generous offers, FranBest.Com will provide a year of free franchise advertising on the FranBest.Com network to any franchise company that provides the fee waivers and/or discount to the victims of Java Jo’z.

For background information on the Java Jo’z & Cuppy’s coffee controversy, click here:

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Franchisors: Extend Goodwill Offers to Java Jo’z Victims?…

RE:  Story on (Franchisors Extend Goodwill Offers to Java Jo’z Victims)
Know of any other companies willing to waive fees to offer a discount to those who lost money to Java Jo'z?  Have them email me at seankelly [at] i…

Sean Kelly previously requested some information from Cuppy’s about how we process Java Jo’z conversions. I emailed him on January 17, 2007 with a response; however, he has chosen not to post it. We have provided this goodwill offer since June of 2007. My email to Sean Kelly was as follows:

Mr. Kelly:

When we receive notice of a Java Jo’z licensee or anyone with an already existing concept desiring to convert to our franchise system, the terms of the conversion are negotiated individually. We disclose the Cuppy’s UFOC and ask them to enter into a Cuppy’s Franchise Agreement. Generally, if a Java Jo’z licensee has already paid funds for a deposit, we try to recognize their payment so that double-payments do not occur. For those that have not already found a site, we offer our assistance with site selection, including our connections with national real estate brokering companies and malls. Essentially, we attempt to effect these conversions so that the overall investment is similar for converting units and those that originate as a Cuppy’s, but as circumstances differ in every scenario, these terms may differ as well. Please advise if I can assist you further.

As I mentioned on, I never received the email. I have no problem posting it… in fact, I requested it.

It’s puzzling as to why Cuppy’s is being so defensive about this issue. If they are willing to honor the deposits made to Java Jo’z, as this message seems to indicate, it’s a generous gesture. Why not just come out and state it clearly?

When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.

I am so really extremly shocked to see all of the post on the matter I discussed earlier are gone. Everything I have posted on this matter has been deleted. Someone tell me there has got to be something I can do about this. Cuppy’s is/ has to be breaking some law by deleting these post and redirecting URL’s. I fully plan to look into this, I spoke to the IT guy At work today and he says it is a break of federal law. That these people seem to just be getting themselves into more trouble. This really has my attention now. And anyone interested in free speach or even the gift we have been given to blog our thoughts and opinions should be deeply concerned by this company’s obviouse attempt at silencing it’s criticts. I can not believe that any lawyer representing this company would give them this advice. I know one thing I am not Scoble , I will set up a 1000 different blogs and let them delete them so that I can sue. Not for money but principal. How dare they think they have some power over the internet.

It astounds me to read posts from people that think thatany company, especially a small coffee company, has the skills to go around hacking websites and redirecting URLs. These people have been watching too many movies. I am a former Cisco Engineer, and I can’t believe that these things are happening. All of these posts show no evidence of these things. If the posts on people blogs have been removed, it had to be done by the owners and managers of the site. I am sure that Scoble could post blogs faster than they could be deleted if he chose to. I feel bad for him if he got involved with Java Jo’z without reading the contract. But, that is why we all have access to attorneys. If he really has a claim, he should get an attorney and sue, if not, quit crying.

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