Company says Java Jo’z is NOT Cuppy’s Coffee & More

According to a recent wikipedia entry and in company correspondence, Cuppy’s Coffee & More emphatically states that it is a separate entity and not connected in any significant way (other than a shared logo) to Java Jo’z or the recently convicted Roy Snowden.

Confusion seems to be widespread, perhaps since Java Jo’z and Cuppy’s have the same corporate address, their domain names are registered to the same owner, they seem to have similar business concepts, some of the same corporate employees and they seem to share modified versions of the same logo.  However, according to Cuppy’s, the only relationship presently existing between Java Jo’z and Cuppy’s Coffee & More is a mutual right to use a certain logo  (visible at the Java Jo’z and Cuppy’s websites).  According to a Cuppy’s spokesperson, Roy Snowden has no ownership, control or affiliation with them, and the widely publicized dispute between Ben Scoble and Java Jo’z does not involve them.  According to Cuppy’s, they have never had a contractual relationship with Ben Scoble.

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Monday, January 15, 2007
MAg Slime
Hi I am just adding on to this last person comment. I worked for a mag sales crew. World Media InternationalInc, RUn by Roy P. Snowden and Kimberly(kim)Snowden,I traveled through your city knocking on doors. Why there is not some protection in place for these kids, more then a randaom story or Blog. This man was just convicted on 5 counts of Tax evasion and defrauding the IRS. I have a tax lean on my credit report from him not filing the taxes he said he was paying!!!! We were kids, and many lives have been Ruined by these people. Freezing cold tempertures and 12-14 hr work days….$15-$20 a day if we were lucky. Then when you don’t make the cut they drop you at a bus station, spit on you and leave eyou w/ no money no ticket, in some ghetto bus station!More, More MOre needs to be done about this. ANd it starts with the people answering the doors. Don’t or if you do tak ethat kid in your house and tell them what is really going on and get them help. These kids are used to make millions of dollars for these dirty old men and thier dirty wives. I pray for the children of these people everyday! I tell you one thing there is no Justice, for these kids.This man has also screwed a bunch of People who were investing in his Java Jo’ z (cuppy’s) Franchise, many people were milked out of 30,000 dollars or more~Any other kids out there who worked for Roy P. Snowden And Kimberly (Kim)Snowden let me know!!!!!!


I saw an expose on television years ago (20/20? 60 minutes?) and it was terrible. I can’t believe they haven’t put an end to this. Well, it looks like Roy Snowden could be selling magazines on Cell Block C for quite a while. He is due to be sentenced at the end of this month. Some fellow Snowden and Java Jo’z fans are submitting sentencing recommendations. Their website is at

Moores in Florida

Have you considered starting a blog to expose this scam? Some exposure in myspace and facebook could help keep some other kids from falling into the same situation. Just a thought.

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I am not here to ‘slam’Cuppy’s/Java Jo’z, however I do think its important to understand the relevance of Roy Snowden and World Media in relationship to this topic. I understand that most of the conversatio here is based on the Cuppy’s/Java Jo’z scandal. But Roy is also in prison due to tax evasion and IRS fraud issues, correct? Why it is your place to decide which of us that were screwed over by this man have a write to voice oppinion here confuses me. Who are you the blog police? Back off and understand that the people who lost 30grand of refundable deposits were not the first to be screwed by Roy and Kim. I know, I am also a past sales rep for World Media.

It is just as important for someone like Trisha to voive her oppinion as it is for the rest of you. You all may be involved a little more on a professional level and feel that because you may be directly related to the coffee end of the scandal, that your oppinions here are more valid. You are adults who probably make rational decisions and you were still taken for a ride by this guy. Trisha was a child when he manipulated her and so was I. And….so were hundreds of other children as young between 16 and 20 years old…..and so were hundreds of thousands of folks who bought or renewed magazine subscriptions from these kids at their doorstep, perhapse paid in cash and never recieved one issue of the magazine and no doubt never saw the $40 to $80 again. Maybe this is not the place to be bringing this up. But its definitely not your right to tell Trisha to take it somewhere else. If you people heard her story and stories from hundreds of other children (or the parents of these kids) 5 or 10 years ago it may have helped you to make different and better decisions regarding your trusting your investments with this man. If you had known me, and my story, you would have asked different questions and maybe taken your business elsewhere. What happened to us on the magazine crew is relevant because it shows a cycle and a trend of how this man operates. Falsley advertising in local newspapers directed at appealing to kids. Liying to them about the expectations of the job when you hire them. Bussing them from there home in Seattle to Escondito, CA where they pack 4 to 7 kids per room in ratty, shabby, filthy hotels in ghetto-esque neighborhoods. Bussing them around these same neighborhoods and dropping them off, alone, for hours at a time with no phone or possible way to call for help if something should happen to them or if they should get lost. Only allowing them 2 meals a day, one very early and one very very late. Requiring them to work 6 or 7 hours a day from 8am until they got there ‘quota’, often times keeping them out in crime ridden neighborhoods long after dark knocking on strangers doors asking for money for magazines at 11pm or later. At the popular chance that one did not get their ‘quota’ there was punishment. You might go hungry, you might sleep on the floor or worse, you might be physically harmed during a fit of rage in one of Roys temper tantrums. I can tell you about a time where I had raised some eyebrows in the group and caused negativity because I complained when I was not allowed to visit my family for my birthday. A meeting was called for the entire crew and in Roys rage he picked up an adding machine and sent it flying accross the room, landing against a wall inches from my 19 year old head. After that, it was thought that I might try to leave the crew so I was not given my 15$ a day money to eat for the next few weeks and was forced to borrow or share from other kids. My phone card given to me by my mother was taken from me. I was threatened that if I left I would owe thousands of dollars for my hotel accomodations for the last several months, though I had made thousands of thousands of dollars for Roy that I never saw a penny of. Tell me that my oppinion on the man does not matter. Tell me I cant voice it here. He was lying, cheating and stealing long before this story became public conversation. The difference is, at that time he was lying cheating and stealing from your children or your grandchildren.

I for one am happy to see him get what he deserves. To bad Kim is not getting hers as well. I give props to Trish for standing up for herself here.

J.Gleason, Seattle Washington

I have said from the beginning this was not about me being a part of the franchise…But As J. Gleason points out this man and His wife have a track record…the Jail time he is doing is because of hiding his ASSETS of WORLD MEDIA INTERNATIONAL INC… and the money he made during 4-5 years of that buisness—- I am sorry that the taste left in my mouth by this man is still bitter….Excuse the Pun… To say that the only ones important here are those that Lost 30,000 from the Java JO’z….Is Ignorant….I wish I could tell you how much money the man owes me and thousands of other kids and MAGAZINE customers. I have every right to comment on this and back up the anger that these other people are, that were screwed by ROY P SNOWDEN and KIM SNOWDEN.

The fact I am dead or kidnapped after being left in the Ghetto of ST.paul w/ no money or way home….TO RI….at 19 years old shows the reason for my bitterness….anger …and complete satisfaction in his imprisonment.

Trisha A. Paliotti

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