mandlers.jpgFranchise of the Day: Mandler’s The Original Sausage

In a fast food landscape dominated by hamburgers, pizza, chicken and subs, there is a new meal option charging over the horizon. Carrying a European flag, this culinary cavalry is armed with exotic mustards, delectable toppings and cylindrical delicacies on fresh baked rolls and is led by royalty in the person of Ronnie Mandler “The Sausage King.

One of the fringe benefits of Ronnie Mandler’™s travels to Europe as an executive in the garment industry was the pleasure of sampling different types of sausages. In many European cities and neighborhoods sausage is the fast food. Noting that it was impossible to indulge his growing appreciation for this greatly enhanced version of the humble hotmandlers-image.jpg dog, Ronnie developed a plan to offer the tasty tubular treats to the U.S.

Fast forward seven years later and Ronnie sensed that the time was right to implement his finely detailed plan. He found a terrific location near Union Square in New York City and opened Mandler’s “The Original Sausage Company. The restaurant was a huge hit with both the public and the press, receiving glowing reviews from Zagat™s, the New York Times, the Daily News and New York magazine, to name just a few.

Mandler’s offers eleven flavors of European-style sausage, each a generous 91/2 inches long, including bratwurst, krainerwurst, chorizo, Italian and andouille, a Cajun-style favorite. Each sausage was specially developed according to Ronnie Mandler’s specifications and is served on a fresh-baked roll. The same hands-on approach is applied to the preparation of the intriguing flavors of the various mustards presented at the Mustard Bar. Customers can top their sandwiches with smoky garlic Dijon or amber ale honey mustard and others. Toppings include peppadew, a South African pepper relish, sauerkraut, beef chili and sweet and sour red cabbage to name just a few. Zucchini fries and corn fritters are just two of the options for side-dishes.

Americans crave options in the fast-food/quick casual sector and their collective palate is open to new and interesting ethnic food selections. The European-style sausage approach pioneered by Mandler’s offers the entrepreneurial-minded one of the only truly unique restaurant franchises available today. The concept creates the elusive “buzz” that attracts attention, trial and word-of-mouth. The operation is streamlined for efficiency and cost control and franchisees can expect first-class training and exceptional support.

Ronnie Mandler is an entrepreneur himself and appreciates the desire, dedication and hard work to bring a new concept to market. With his passion for the products he has developed and the potential for dramatic growth, this Sausage King is ready to provide qualified franchisees with the systems and guidance to introduce this meaty new concept to their local markets.