Frozen Yogurt Franchises OpporTUESDAY

Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Spoon Me frozen yogurt franchise opportunity was submitted by Brittany Snapp:

“We’re just a group of hard-working, fun loving yogurt groupies out to change the world. Our mission is three-fold: 1) love the body we live in 2) the people we live with and 3) the earth we live on.

Spoon Me Loves Your Body
Spoon Me yogurt is fat free, has less than 83 calories per serving, and contains no table sugar or artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavoring. It is Nat•u•ral and quite tasty. No matter the reason, we think people will leave Spoon Me happy. And with all those live active cultures, people are bound to leave with an extra bounce in their step.

Spoon Me is NOW franchising!

Spoon Me Loves the Environment
To be completely eco-friendly in every aspect of life is difficult and we don’t claim to be. But we sure can try! Once people are done eating the yogurt, they can move on to the spoon (it’s made of corn starch). Even our cups, straws, napkins, and garbage bags are 100% biodegradable in as little as 90 days.

Spoon Me Loves the Community
It’s hard to change the world if you can’t even help out your own community. That’s why we’re always looking for cool ways to pitch in around our own hood. People can help us spread the love by dropping a few coins in our “Keep the Change Charity,” or, if they are looking for a more hands on approach, they can check out our community board for other volunteer activities.”

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