FranchisePick.Com Reports on Pure Weight Loss Franchise Woes

(  is keeping tabs on developments at national weight loss Franchise Pure Weight Loss (formerly L.A. Weight Loss) that is abruptly closing all of its 400 centers nationwide, leaving “employees jobless for the holidays and making members fend off sugar plums, eggnog and Christmas Cheer all by themselves.” is inviting input from employees and customers here:


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One thought on “FranchisePick.Com Reports on Pure Weight Loss Franchise Woes”

  1. Hi,
    I was going to Pure Weight loss Center also. I live in Maryland and I recently called the State Attorney’s General Office about my claim. The lady said to call back the end of Feb. Have anybody in Maryland receive any money yet? Also, I need to go back on the blue plan. Can someone suggest what kind of bar I can get? I really like the LA Lites .

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