Rockn’ Interview With Rockn’ Joe’s Kevin Brennan

kevin150.jpgKevin Brennan

Rockn’ Joe Coffeehouse and Bistro


Number of units, company: 1

Number of units, franchised: 1

Initial investment: $160,000 to $250,000

Net worth/Financial Req.: $60,000 liquid capital

Priority Markets for Expansion: New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas

Contact information for franchise program: (908) 276-4983


SK: Kevin, Thanks for your time, and congratulations on the successful launch of your franchise program. How do you describe the Rockn’ Joe concept?

KB: Rockn’ Joe was built on the idea to combine three American favorites – Rockrjext150.jpg n’ Roll music, coffee and food – into one special experience. A Rockn’ Joe Coffeehouse and Bistro has great music and food everyone enjoys with a hip atmosphere that can’t be beat. Of course, it also has award-winning coffee!

SK: How many Rockn’ Joe locations are there? Is the chain growing?

KB: Currently, there are two locations open and running successfully. Five more are expected to open through next year as we continue to grow rapidly.

SK: Where are you looking to expand?

KB: We are licensed to sell franchises in all non-registered states as well as New York. At this time, our target markets are New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas.

SK: What are the different format options available to franchisees? What types of locations work best?

KB: The décor and collateral materials, such as menus and brochures, are all created with the same colors and styles, so the brand stays consistent across the board. This format can be worked into a variety of different size locations within different types of markets. Rockn’ Joe was designed specifically to be free-standing or a part of downtown areas. The concept would even work great within a strip mall.

SK: What are the financial requirements for new franchisees? Initial investment?

KB: A new franchise would need $60,000 in liquid capital and anticipate an initial investment of $160,000 to $250,000. rjint150.jpg

SK: Tell us a little bit about the people contacting you about the Rockn’ Joe franchise opportunity. Are many looking to own more than one unit?
KB: The personality and backgrounds of interested franchise owners are very diverse but all of them possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for great coffee, food and music. As a result, most potential franchisees have expressed interest in more than one Rockn’ Joe franchise unit.

SK: What qualities are important to you in selecting new franchisees for your system? What makes a good franchisee?

KB: Potential Rockn’ Joe franchisees should be real go-getters with energy, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. They should be leaders AND followers. I look for franchisees who are going to look for new ways to market the brand and enhance the strong system that is already in place.

SK: What makes Rockn’ Joe different from other franchise opportunities? How is it unique in the coffee and beverage segment?

KB: Many people are offering certain facets of what we offer, but no one is incorporating these successful ingredients into one winning formula. At the end of the day, we are using Rock n’ Roll music, coffee and food in an atmosphere that gives people the feeling of having had an expensive meal in a trendy, exciting environment. At Rockn’ Joe, the opportunities for a good time are endless. Customers can take a break for lunch, invite a date, read a newspaper, have a meeting, listen to great music with a book, enjoy dessert, end the night with a cappuccino or just grab a cup of coffee to go. The franchise serves so many different needs that the average customer has reasons to visit four to five times a week.
People want to stick around and return time and again to enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere that includes a hint of urban edginess. Our emphasis on a quality product, friendly service and a cool atmosphere makes Rockn’ Joe stand out.

SK: Anything else you’d like to share?
KB: I’d urge people who want to own their own business – and to be enormously proud of that business – to contact our corporate offices immediately. We are receiving strong interest from potential investors across the country and anticipate that key territories will be claimed over the next few months. As the founder of Rockn’ Joe, I am available to all potential franchisees who want to learn what makes this system so unique, successful, and, most importantly, fun.

SK: I think that having access to the founder is one of the benefits of joining a new or small franchise organization. For better or worse, I’m sure your franchisees have your cell phone # on speed dial. Thanks for your time, and best of luck. We’ll be watching for big things from the Rockn’ Joe franchise program!

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Rockin’ Joe is a fun place to go to. Great food, coffee, and music. Coming in after a red eye flight I have gone there for many breakfasts always feeling satisfied. Rockin’ Joe is a great place to end your evening after seeing a movie, catching up on things with friends, having a healthy meal, or just relaxing with a warm beverage. Check it out….you won’t be sorry.

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