Cereality Snaps. Competition Crackles.
Loyal Students Pop

The founders of Cereality, a cereal cafe currently in the process of franchising, are dealing with a heaping spoonful of competitive reality. Apparently, they don’t consider the perceived imitation by some very similar restaurant concepts as a sincere form of flattery. They consider it trademark and patent infringement.So they’re suing.The legal tussle caught the attention of Time magazine which has included an article about the cereal smackdown in its latest issue. Click here to read the article. We’d like to get your take on this topic. Is Cereality overreacting? Are the competitors getting a free ride after Cereality has already done all of the heavy lifting? Are protesting college students justified in accusing Cereality of heavy-handedness?And isn’t it poetic justice that it all began in a place named Battle Creek?

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