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This is the first in a series of interviews exploring all aspects of the Tanworld franchise program, from branding to marketing, from the franchise owner requirements to the support programs that help them build their businesses.

FranBest:  Thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse into what must be the tanning industry’s best-kept secret.

TanWorld:  Thanks for the opportunity.  Tanworld really is a best-kept secret, but that’s about to change. I’ve been in the franchising and tanning industries for years, and know that truly innovative concepts don’t come along that often.  When I saw the bold approach that Tanworld was taking, saw the quality of the management team and their commitment to revolutionizing the industry, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

FranBest:  How do you describe the Tanworld franchise concept?

TanWorld:  The strategy that drives and defines the Tanworld concept is threefold. The first is to create a WOW factor at the consumer level… to provide our members with a superior and unique tanning environment and tanning experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

The second is to provide that exceptional experience at an affordable price… to create a spa-quality experience that’s affordable for middle class as well as upper class markets.   The third is to continually provide the systems, procedures and guidance our salon owners – who we call our franchise partners – need to build their businesses with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Tanworld has joined forces with the industry’s top manufacturers and industry leaders in order to position itself as the elite tanning concept, offered at a price point that provides a high-perceived value and fits most tanning consumer’s budgets.  That’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but Tanworld is doing it.

How did the Tanworld concept start?
TanWorld: Tanworld was started by Cheri and Frank Cosgrove in 1995.  They wanted to meet the need for an upscale tanning salon environment that offered a price point that was acceptable even in a blue-collar or middle income type of market.

The consumer response was so strong, and they had so many inquiries from customers expressing an interest to open their own Tanworld salons that Cheri & Frank launched the Tanworld franchise program in 1997.

Is the Tanworld chain growing?  Where are you looking to expand?

TanWorld: Definitely.  We have 53 Tanworld franchise salons up and running and another 13 in development for a total of 65 locations.  In terms of demographics, our concept does well in a wide variety of area, ranging from low-middle income to high-income households.  We have a highly experienced, aggressive team, so we are capable of maintaining an energetic and ambitious growth development schedule.

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