DIVORCE: The Franchise Opportunity

Karen Stewart’s revolutionary idea is now a ground-floor franchise opportunity.

Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of modern life.

Even more unfortunately, the American system of high priced attorneys doing battle at $500 an hour exact high financial and personal costs from today’s families.

Fortunately, Karen Stewart has created an alternative.

And even more fortunately, she is enabling qualified professionals to provide a better alternative to divorcing couples in their communities… through the Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise program.

Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise owners provides an alternative approach to divorce—a fixed fee, step-by-step independent negotiated resolution process.

The Fairway Process™ reduces costs, time, stress, and protects children. Fairway Divorce Solutions is considering franchise requests from qualified professionals who want to make a positive impact on people’s lives while building a strong business in the process.

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