Pretzel Franchise Opportunities Still Rolling Along

wrpclogo160.jpgWe’re Rolling Pretzel Company, true to its name, has been rolling right along. From the time they began offering franchises in 2000, the quiet little chain has grown to more than 50 units in regional malls, shopping centers, theme parks and Wal-Mart Supercenters in six states. Founder Kevin Krabill fully expects to double the number of We’re Rolling Pretzel Company units to over 100 in the next two years, and I have little doubt they can accomplish that goal.

Kevin and his team have been building a solid foundation for growth, and one can sense the momentum is starting to build in this very promising young chain.

A fresh approach to a fun product The on-premise rolling and baking creates its own multi-sensory promotional campaign, and the bustle of activity and the wafting aroma of baking pretzels work together to attract hapless customers walking by. Soft pretzels have the universal appeal and versatility of fresh-baked bread, and We’re Rolling Pretzel Company has created a variety of pretzel variations, from breakfast and dessert pretzels like Cinnamon Sugar and Raisin to savory Garlic Parmesan to the fiery Jalapeno pretzel. Adding innovative twists to its product line is where We’re Rolling Pretzel Company rolls over its competitors, having introduced such proprietary specialty products as Knot Sandwiches, Stuffed Pizza Pretzel and Over The Top Pretzel Rods.

Simply a great businesswererollingstore1.jpg Running a soft pretzel store can be a lot of fun. Unlike increasingly mechanized fast-food operations, your employees have greater involvement with the product and can take pride in the fact that they mix, roll, and bake delicious soft pretzels on premise, in view of the customers. The simplicity of the operation enables your team to provide the great service that builds repeat business. And the open layout, the relatively low price point and high pedestrian traffic locations are perfect for low cost, highly effective marketing tactics such as product sampling.

Solid Midwestern philosophy If you’re turned off by the hype of franchise companies hawking the latest “hot new concept!” you’ll appreciate the solidly Midwestern, down-to-earth approach of Kevin Krabill and the We’re Rolling Pretzel Company. Their stated goal is not to be the biggest or the fastest-growing franchise in the country, just the best. They are committed to inviting only quality-oriented individuals into their franchise family, and to providing them with the guidance, support and tools to succeed on the local level.

If you are looking to get a new business venture rolling, I suggest you get more information on the fresh opportunities at We’re Rolling Pretzel Company.

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