Neil Chyten, CEO, Chyten Educational Services

neilchyten100.jpgChyten Educational Services is a premium tutoring and test preparation company utilizing proprietary test taking and learning strategies developed over the past twenty years.

Neil Chyten, Founder and President
Chyten Educational Services

Chyten Educational Services
Year Founded: 1999
Year Franchised: 2007
Number of units, company: 5
Number of units, franchised: 4
Initial investment: $77,000-$204,000
Priority Markets for Expansion: Nationally
Contact information for franchise program: 800-428-TEST (8378)

Chyten Educational Services is a premium tutoring and test preparation company utilizing proprietary test taking and learning strategies developed over the past twenty years. Specializing in SAT/ACT test prep, last year the average Chyten student increased their score 274 points. All tutors at Chyten have at least a Masters Degree and all have teaching experience.

Chyten’™s partnership with Minuteman Press’™ Ultra Franchising division provides a national sales and support infrastructure with personnel across the country to work with the Chyten franchisees on a local level.

Recently, Top New Franchises had a chance to chat with Chyten Educational Services Founder & CEO, Neil Chyten

TNF: Thanks for your time today, Neil. I know you’re busy getting ready for your first franchisee training session coming up. And congratulations on your nomination for Top New Franchise!
NC: Thanks for having me.

TNF: How do you describe the Chyten Educational Services franchise concept?
NC: We have a unique test prep & tutoring center with all tutoring done on premises in a professional atmosphere with tutors who all have at least a Masters Degree.

TNF: When did you launch the Chyten franchise program? How many franchises are up and running? Is the chain growing?
NC: We have been planning this franchise program for over a year. We started actively seeking franchisees in February of this year. The first four franchises will be open by July, 2007. We anticipate this to be a thousand plus franchise system in the years to come.

TNF: Where are you looking to expand? What types of markets and demographics work best?
NC: While we are concentrating in the New England to DC corridor, we anticipate we will begin the national expansion by the end of the year. At that point we will expand to any market where there is an emphasis being placed on education and an interest in college placement for their high school students, which is pretty much anywhere in America.

TNF: What is the need in the marketplace that Chyten franchise owners will meet? How does Chyten’™s solutions differ from competing programs?
NC: The number of students applying for college admissions is the highest in history and the competition for college seats is the greatest it has ever been. Chyten has developed successful, proprietary SAT/ACT test taking strategies and we intend to offer these services to students throughout the nation.

TNF: Tell us a little bit about the kind of person who would make a good Chyten Educational Services franchise owner? What are the backgrounds of some of your franchise owners?

NC: A Chyten owner should have good interpersonal communication skills, solid management skills and should have a record of success in their previous career. It is not necessary to have an educational background. The owner needs to manage the business, be involved in the educational and business community and have a sense of helping young people and giving back to the community where their center is located.

TNF: What qualities are important to you in selecting new franchisees for your system? What makes a good franchisee?
NC: Even though we are new to franchising, we have the Minuteman Press/Ultra Franchising partnership which brings over thirty years of franchise experience. We feel we want an individual who has exhibited success in their previous career, someone with a good positive attitude and someone who has leadership qualities and is a team player.

TNF: How do Chyten Educational Services franchise owners attract new customers? How do they create repeat business?
NC: Direct mail is the primary source of getting students. Word of mouth, direct marketing by the owner and referrals will play important roles in the development of business. We want owners who will be active in the business community, owners who will promote the business and network throughout their territory. Repeat customers will come from parents and students who experience Chyten first hand. They will see that we have the highest standards in the industry with the highest quality tutors. That is a combination that will bring back repeat customers for years to come.

TNF: Of the training and support services you provide franchisees, which do you think are most valuable to their long-term success?
NC: The initial two week training will be the most important part of the owners start up, however; regular communication between the franchisees and the corporate offices is key to continued growth.

TNF: What role does technology play in your organization?
NC: We have spent over 4 years and more than $400,000.00 in developing the most advanced software program in the industry to assist the franchisees in running their business.

TNF: What makes Chyten Educational Services different from other franchise opportunities? How is it a unique opportunity?
NC: This is a business built around the basic premise that there is nothing more important than helping a child. With a Chyten franchise you get a personally rewarding business, a professionally respected business and a financially satisfying business all wrapped in one.

TNF: Chyten has formed a unique partnership with Ultra Franchising, Inc. a division of franchise printing powerhouse Minuteman Press. How does this partnership strengthen your ability to grow? Will individual franchise owners benefit from this partnership?
NC: A new franchise owner will have the immediate benefit of having one company with 30 plus years of franchise experience working along with a company with over 20 years experience in the education industry. There has never been such a franchise offered in the education industry. It will allow Chyten to become a nationally recognized franchise in a relatively short period of time. The franchise owner opens their business along side people with over 50 years experience to help them every step of the way.

TNF: Anything else you’d like to share?
NC: The tutoring industry has more than doubled in size the last three years and is expected to continue this growth well into the next decade. We feel we are well positioned in the right industry, with the right company, at the right time.

TNF: Thanks very much for your time today, Neil. We look for great things to come from the Chyten Educational Services franchise program.
NC: Thanks for helping us spread the word about Chyten.


For more information, click here: Chyten Educational Services Franchise.


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