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Educational franchise opportunity Kumon was submitted to OpporTuesday by kumonfranchisor:

“High school math teacher Toru Kumon developed the Kumon method of learning over 50 years ago in Japan, when his son was struggling with second-grade arithmetic. Realizing that a strong foundation in the basics addition, subtraction, multiplication and division was essential for higher-level math, he created a series of math worksheets for his son to work on after school. With daily practice, Kumon’s son gradually expanded his mastery of mathematical skills and by sixth grade was able to solve differential equations and integral calculus problems.

Today, at locations throughout North America, Kumon franchisees apply this method of daily practice and self-paced advancement to children’s math and reading skills.”

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One reply on “Children’s Education, Tutoring Franchise”

I just watched a video about children being molested at Kumon tutoring centers. It is scary. Now no place is safe for children.

I feel so sad for the kids. What the kids had been put through was inexcusable, which I realize happens a lot. Such incidents are awfully traumatic for children and they will have to live with a lifetime of guilt and shame.

My thoughts, well-wishes etc., go out to all children molested by their tutors 🙁

Children should be encouraged to talk to their parents and tell them of such crimes as soon as they happen.

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