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Established in 2000, “A Taste of Philly” is a family owned and operated soft pretzel bakery. From the first day our bakery doors opened, we knew we’d made the right decision. Priding ourselves on originality, we offer unique menu items all made with soft pretzels.

Our bakery’s emphasis is on the product being hand twisted on site and in view of customers. Selling a quality product that is well liked and affordable by all is the key to our bakery’s success.

A Glance At Our Product

Our menu is simple yet yummy – we offer just enough variety that it’s hard to choose just one!

We offer several soft pretzel varieties – a traditional “Philly Style” twist with toppings to choose, dippable nuggets, pretzel braids, gourmet twists in 4 flavors, pretzel sticks, pretzel hot dogs & cheese and more. Other favorites include our pretzel pockets and our breakfast specials.

We also specialize in shaping our soft pretzels into any letter, number or object for special occasions and offer a variety of party trays. On the sweeter side, our “A Taste of Philly’s Sweets” are a treat.

We hand dip on site, chocolate covered hard pretzels using only the finest quality chocolate. Finished with any topping imaginable!

A Taste of Philly Bakery Franchises For SaleIn addition to fabulous pretzels, “A Taste of Philly” offers Bake At Home Pretzel Kits and children’s parties where the children are encouraged to be creative and make different shapes out of their pretzels. From flowers to Christmas trees, all their works of art are baked, decorated and packaged in their pretzel bag to be taken home.

Franchise Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the “A Taste of Philly” Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery™ franchise family. Our Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery™ locations are quite unique in the market place.

The key to “A Taste of Philly” Hand Twisted Soft Pretzel Bakery’sTM continued success has been to focus on every aspect of our company…from quality products to pleasing atmospheres.

In 2000, we went beyond the other pretzel franchises with their concept of focusing solely on wholesaling. Taking a snack that was already ever so popular and creating unique menu items for retail unlike anyone had tasted.

We didn’t stop there…offering other items such as:

A Taste of Philly Bakery Franchise for Sale• Gourmet Pretzels
• Stuffed Pretzels
• Hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels
• Our original Bake at Home Pretzel Kits
• On site Birthday Parties

As we pride ourselves on a quality pretzel, we equally do so on the quality of our store fronts. Each franchise site has a cafe style that welcomes customers to watch how our pretzels are made. Because of this concept, our pretzel bakery proudly continues to stand out above the rest today.